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Parking Lot Sweeping

The most competitive pricing for commercial parking lot sweeping services.

We provide property inspections free of charge for parking lots and businesses in the greater Milwaukee area. Our certified technicians examine your property for graffiti, bulk items, lighting, damage or wear and tear of the property and anything else out of the ordinary. We use GPS dispatched vehicles to produce maximum labor efficiency, ultimately resulting in some of the most competitive pricing in our industry. Our fleet of parking lot sweepers operate 365 days a year to assure that your commercial property is cleaned each and every morning before patrons arrive.

The Window Brothers Experience

Our goal is to provide you with the best parking lot sweeping experience possible. From daily, weekly or monthly cleanings, our team will work with you to design a contract that accommodates your needs and schedule. Then, we continue to build and nurture a business relationship with YOU as a building owner, facility or property manager by providing on site quality inspections and ongoing feedback. We are passionate about customer service and supporting businesses in our local economy. Your success equals our success!

  • Sweep curb-lines, corners and other areas where trash tends to accumulate.
  • “Patrol” sweep open parking lots and driveways, picking up trash where it has fallen.
  • Clean the sidewalks with back pack blowers or by hand.
  • We want YOU to have the best parking lot and shopping center power sweeping experience possible.
  • Manual corner touch-ups made with a hand blower or broom and dustpan.
  • Hand-blowing sidewalks and inaccessible areas
  • Emptying and relining trashcans
  • Handpicking planters and surrounding green areas
  • Removing bulk items

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The recent sweep at Franklin was awesome! Whatever you did, keep doing it! Nice job and thanks.

Mark LaPorteArea ManagerBrickman Facility Solutions

Commercial Parking Lot Sweeping Vehicle