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Regional Window Cleaning Redefined

Welcome to Window Brothers

Your Premier Window Cleaning Company Across The Midwest

Elevate the corporate image of your retail establishments with Window Brothers, the Midwest’s leading window cleaning company specializing in regional services. With a steadfast commitment to professionalism and efficiency, we cater to the needs of regional retail managers, facility directors, and facility managers seeking a reliable partner for their window cleaning requirements.

Contact Information

Regional Headquarters

Window Brothers, Inc.
13425 Watertown Plank Rd. Box 350
Elm Grove, WI 53122

Our Commitment To You

At Window Brothers, we understand the unique demands of managing multiple locations across the Midwest, including Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, and Michigan. To streamline your window cleaning needs, we’ve made our core offering simple yet impactful:

Our dedicated team ensures consistent and high-quality window cleaning services that align with corporate standards.

Business person on the phone with a window cleaning company.

Commercial & Retail Window Cleaning Excellence

Elevate the appearance of your commercial and retail spaces with Window Brothers, your partner in window cleaning services. We take pride in offering solutions for a range of establishments, including the following:

If you require year-round maintenance, Window Brothers is the window cleaning company equipped to meet your unique needs.

Why Choose Window Brothers

  1. Frontline technology. Window Brothers has extensive experience utilizing Service Channel software, a trusted platform used by many of our clients. We recognize the importance of integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance our services. By minimizing paperwork and adopting sophisticated software, we contribute to making your facility management more efficient and straightforward.
  2. Quality over quantity. Window Brothers sets a standard for excellence, and we choose to work exclusively with clients who share our commitment to streamlining operations. To ensure optimal efficiency, we have a minimum requirement of 10 locations for partnership. This ensures that our attention to detail and commitment to quality is unwavering, providing you with unparalleled window cleaning services.
  3. 25 years of expertise. In 2024, Window Brothers proudly celebrates 25 years of excellence in the industry. We stand at the forefront of innovation, particularly in streamlining operations for accounts with multiple locations. Our commitment is unwavering – we partner with clients who understand the significance of efficiency, organization, and the transition to paperless processes.

Access Our Exclusive Network for Added Value

For our valued customers, we introduce a game-changing advantage – FREE access to our expansive network. What does this mean for you? First, it’s about cost control. In an era of inflation, we offer a solution that keeps your costs down. If your retail locations extend to the ‘boondocks,’ worry not – our established network includes reliable subcontractors ready to serve you. Your relationships are our relationships, ensuring seamless service regardless of location.

Embrace a paperless future with our innovative network. No more hassles with paper receipts – our digital signature system ensures a streamlined, eco-friendly approach. Experience the latest technology at your fingertips, with the convenience of managing your accounts digitally.

We can easily serve all your midwest locations and streamline your operations.

Window Brothers is your choice for a window cleaning company.

Clear The path Forward With Corporate Cleaning Regionally

Choose Window Brothers for a corporate, streamlined approach to window cleaning across the Midwest. Elevate your facilities’ appearance while simplifying management processes. Contact us today and let us be your trusted window cleaning company, maintaining a clear corporate vision.